Do you want to work with Carnal Queen? We regularly receive requests from companies, which is wonderful, but there are always lots of initial questions and terms to iron out at the beginning of a new working relationship. This page has been set up to ensure everyone understands what is expected from them going forward, a sort of one-stop policy shop!

We simply ask, that you’ve read and understood our policies, before you make contact with us. We will therefore assume, if you do contact us, that you agree to our terms and conditions, and that you will abide by them. Carnal Queen cannot be held responsible, if you have not read this page and we enter into a work agreement.


Carnal Queen is predominantly a review based website. We are always happy to receive requests to review new products, but there are a few things companies need to be aware of.
As a general rule, we only review products which we deem to be body-safe, and requests to review insertable toys made from jelly/PVC/TPR and the like will not be taken on. There may be exceptions to this rule, if for example the toy has multiple uses/other benefits, but this is totally at the discretion of Carnal Queen. If you’re not sure about a product you wish us to review for you, please do get in touch to discuss the matter. If we enter into a review agreement based on something being made from a body-safe material, and it turns out not to be, we reserve the right to refuse to review it, and we will not return it at our own cost.

We are open to reviewing most adult products from many different categories, but we currently do not review condoms, pornography, cam sites, anything that desensitises or delays, and we generally prefer not to review lubricants. Exceptions to this are any new, body-safe, environmentally friendly brands which we feel could benefit our readers, because we all need good lube! If you want us to review lube which is packed with parabens, petrochemicals or glycerin, please don’t be offended when the answer is no.

We reserve the right to refuse any review request if we feel a product doesn’t fit in with our ethos at Carnal Queen.

You, the sender, are responsible for the shipping of the product and any charges associated with this. Carnal Queen will not be able to cover the costs for customs fees, or any other unexpected handling fees from couriers etc. If a parcel requires a payment before it’s released to us, we will contact you to arrange payment.

If you’ve sent products for review and you have an affiliate scheme which we are a part of, then those links will be included in the review. If we are not part of your affiliate scheme, you understand that we will link to any of our affiliates that carry your product. We may link to multiple affiliates, our readers are worldwide and certain retailers may have shipping restrictions.

Reviews published on Carnal Queen are honest, based upon our own experiences with a product. Please do not ask us to deliberately write a positive review for you, this is not how we work. You understand that you have no creative control over language used or content, we will not change reviews because there’s something in there you don’t like. Once a product is received, it becomes our property, and we will not return it or pay for it, even if our review is negative. We reserve the right to add links to other products or reviews, perhaps for comparison purposes, if we see fit.

Receipt of a review product highlights your understanding of these terms. If you have any special requirements, they must be agreed before the item is received. We endeavour to review items in an acceptable timeframe (45 days), but if life does get in the way, you will be notified of any delays.

Carnal Queen Content

You are free to post links to Carnal Queen content wherever you wish to. It’s important that our copy remains unique, if you intend to quote any of our work, please ensure that you limit this to no more than 3 or 4 sentences, and you must provide a full link back to the full post with credit to Carnal Queen. We ask that you do not edit or alter our work when quoting us.

Duplicating content is not acceptable, under any circumstances. Anyone found to be hosting our content without our permission will be asked to remove it, with requests also going to their website host, if necessary, due to copyright infringement.

Photos from Carnal Queen, if used, must also be linked back and fully credited. They must not be altered in any way.

Sponsored Posts and Copy Writing

If Carnal Queen agrees to produce sponsored posts, there will be a fee attached to this. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We are happy to produce copy for your website too, but again this is a chargeable service. Both of these are available at our own discretion.


If you’d like to discuss advertising your company at Carnal Queen, please feel free to get in touch to discuss this. We do not make any promises on click-through’s or conversions.

Guest Posts

From time to time you may see guest posts here at Carnal Queen. We will ensure that these are fully labelled as such. All products sent for review will be reviewed by Carnal Queen or Carnal King, not third party reviewers unless previously arranged. Content rules still apply to guest content.

Advice & Sex Toy Recommendations

Carnal Queen will always endeavour to answer any questions and queries put to us. If you have any questions regarding a product we’ve reviewed, or would like some advice before purchasing a toy for example, please feel free to contact us via the contact form. Please understand that although we will do our best to reply as quickly as possible, sometimes there may be a short delay. Carnal Queen will not communicate via the telephone.
Advice is given from the perspective of our own experiences. If you are a business looking for advice on your product/website/development etc, a consultancy fee may be applicable depending on your requirements.


The Carnal Queen is an anonymous blogger, and wishes to remain so. If you’ve been given personal details such as name and address for postal purposes, you agree to refrain from disclosing this information, or addressing the Carnal Queen personally (by her real name) in public interactions on social media etc. Please also ensure that any items sent via the post do not contain the blog name, as this causes a problem not only with anonymity, but also for couriers who sometimes require proof of ID.

Legal Requirements

Carnal Queen will not be held responsible for products reviewed which may violate copyright, or have patent infringement issues. If you have concerns, please take them up with the manufacturer or relevant party. Please understand that by entering into a review agreement, Carnal Queen is required to publish reviews and will not remove them unless requested to do so by the company who provided the review product, or by a solicitor/lawyer with the necessary official (legal) paperwork to back up the request. Any other interactions surrounding these types of issues will not be entered into by Carnal Queen.

Removal of Content From Carnal Queen

Carnal Queen reserves the right to remove any content from the website relating to a company, if that company is found to be doing anything which Carnal Queen deems to be unprofessional, unethical or illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, any reviews done for that company, paid adverts or sponsored posts. Carnal Queen will not issue any refund, for full or partial terms, in the unlikely event of content removal.

And Finally …

These terms and conditions are subject to change. We reserve the right to alter, add or remove terms, if the need arises. If you are unsure of anything, or have any work requests, please contact us so we can discuss matters further.

Carnal Queen works hard on providing fresh, new content for our readers. We will always strive to meet any deadlines imposed by ourselves, when working on things. We are busy, and try to work to schedule, and we ask that people respect this, and treat us with the same regard. Communication is key!


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