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    Sally More

    Nice one! It really does substitute a 3rd person!

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    Thank you for this terrific review – my husband bought it for my birthday last week and wasn’t disappointed – thanks to your review we bought with confidence and it does as described, very pleased indeed.

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      Thanks for leaving a comment :-) Happy Birthday for last week! I’m so pleased my review was useful to you, and that you like your machine! You’re in for many nights of fun! Enjoy!

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    I have really enjoyed your review. Thank you for that.
    However, I have some questions:

    * As I understood it correctly, vac-u-look-based dildos are just an option. So what kind of dildos else can be used and where can I get them?

    * You recommend silicon dildos. Are they vac-u-look-based or maybe type of “quick connect”? provides mainly doc johnson brand products that basically are TPR/TPE dildos and are porous.

    1. 3.1

      Carnal Queen

      Hi Greg. Thanks for your comment :-) The uFUC comes with a vac-u-lock system, and this is the easiest way to connect a dildo for play. You can also buy universal adaptors for the machine (sexmachines sell those), which will mean you can attach any dildo of your choice, providing it has a decent enough base. I often use my Tantus toys and my Godemiche Adam in this way. The shaft rod on the uFUC is 8mm, so if you buy an adaptor you’ll need to get the CNC bit too, because the adaptor is 16mm.
      I always recommend silicone dildos, because they’re non-porous and can be fully sterilized – for me this is essential, but more so if you’re going to be using the same toy for anal play too. Vac-u-lock is a Doc Johnson brand, and although many of their dildos are TRR/TPE, they do make a platinum range which is silicone. The one I used to demonstrate is a DJ dildo. Sexmachines do stock them, but I think they sell out quite quickly, so come and go off the website. I’ve just looked, and they’ve got 7 silicone DJ dildos at the moment. I’m not sure where you’re located, but several retailers stock them

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    Bill H

    HI thank for the reviews there great
    Im currently looking at getting a a first machine and it currently between this and the Diva Motion.
    I was think of this but in you review of the Ceaser 4 you said the Motion was one of you favourite machines.
    Would you recommend it over this ? If so why as on paper this appears to be the better machine.

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      Carnal Queen

      Hi Bill. Apologies for the delay, my spam filter was a bit over zealous and I’ve only just come across your comment. I agree, on paper the uFUC is definitely the better the machine, however it really does boil down to your own personal preferences. For me, the motion love is better for a few reasons. Firstly, I prefer the shape. It’s easier to store, although it’s longer, it’s more box-like, and is easy to put in a cupboard or wardrobe. The uFUC pro is a bit more cumbersome. It’s also far easier to adjust than the uFUC too. Don’t get me wrong, the uFUC isn’t difficult, but I generally set that up and leave it as it is for a whole session, whereas with the motion love I’m happy to change it around during use. That’s entirely because of my body – my wrists are quite weak, and the plate on the uFUC holds everything, and is quite heavy. It needs to be supported when you loosen the knobs and change its position. I’m also a big fan of the accessories with the motion love. I like to be able to have easy clitoral stimulation when using the machines, and the wand holder is helpful for this. You also get the double penetration adaptor etc. The uFUC does go slightly quicker, so that’s a consideration, but those extra 20 strokes per minute aren’t a huge deal for me, I’m happy with 220! They’re both really great machines, and I don’t think either will disappoint. Storage, versatility, and maneuverability are all factors for me, hence why the motion love is my preference. Hope that explains it a bit better for you, any further questions feel free to get in touch x

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    Thank you for a good review! I’m looking at getting a sex machine.


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