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    The people I have seen complaining about these products happen to be those who are sent the best of the best, most expensive, luxury toys on the market. They are in a position where these high end priced toys come to them free of charge and perhaps they may feel a loyalty to those high end companies after working with them.

    The average person who doesn’t blog or get toys free of charge will want to know of these cheaper alternatives.

    I took a few years out from sex blogging and one thing I see on -some- blogs that bothers me now is how expensive every reviewed item will be. Surely it’s important not to out-price your readers.

    I agree that it’s not up to us to get all moral and outraged. Similar toys pop up all the time and if they really are too similar the company has legal powers to address it, not us.

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      Carnal Queen

      I totally agree Llellsee. As much as I do love some companies, it’s really important to me to stay impartial, and I don’t feel that it’s my job to defend them to the death. Of course if there’s legal ramifications and proof, then that’s different, but whilst it’s all just hearsay, I want to try and cover off all possibilities for anyone looking to buy.

      The saga that has been going on recently has surprised me, because those particular ‘similar’ toys have been available to buy for two years or more, but suddenly everyone is crying out about them. It’s all very odd to me!

      Welcome back to the blogging world :-)


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